News.The most obvious change in FIFA 16 is an intermediate in the field

FIFA series has a simple fact about: it hit a peak a few years ago, and has been sliding since. This is not a criticism, it is supposed to work, when you are in the top of the mountain: there's nowhere to go ...... ah, apart from down. But let us ignore, because it ruined my analogy. Nevertheless, we are manipulating the usual pre-demo and was told at EA's UK headquarters, not in FIFA 16, "an important new model" favorably something new. This is a very welcome addition to the game's ultimate team place, which is called the draft mode.

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The most obvious change in FIFA 16 are in the field, where the AI ??players risk more actively trying to intercept a pass in the middle. After stupid ball in midfield - especially on the defensive third - it was annexed easy to be agile attacker and forced more tactical style of play. Take advantage of you formed has become increasingly important, as the angle by advancing the ball or square by switching the play is often a wise choice - just like in real sports. "Do you still feel like a fool when Messi burning, because a poor attempt to steal you, but at least it will be because of their own shortcomings, but not a game system."

Career mode ever deeper than ever. Under the form of meat and potatoes come in line to experience the nascent career mode. Remember that all of these skill game, is fun and matching loaded? Of course, they are fun to assume, but they did not really serve any other kind, rather than let some practice before the game starts to fluctuate a purpose. Well, now what they mean. Week to two weeks of training and development may be the most exciting addition to the career mode. Each week, a player can assign up to five courses, for any player in the lineup. There are some limitations that only certain level of training and some types can be used once or twice a week, but there is about who use them, there is no real limit. For example: in my saved Tottenham manager, I decided to see just how strong, I can build 19-year-old midfielder Allie Chandler, who opened the race in 69 overall, but has a very high potential.

Despite the potential seems to go off only game performance and standard year-on-year growth, this training is a way to supplement. That being said, I spent the first six months of the season, what to do, but smoked every last bit of training into Dele Alli. A player to simulate conversation or option play out. The growth rate occurred in each training class won based on. Find the appropriate mix of technology, master and a bunch of "A" rating means that the excellent development week. Because when Allie began less than 70, each of these key statistics will grow faster players. Before long, I had a mid-70's midfielder who joined the first, and only getting stronger. If there is a problem of training, which is very easy to forget to do stop the simulation session, only in a non-game days. Plans to stop every Monday your simulation, you'll never forget.

When you finally find all that you can do with FIFA 16, you will find that you have all the necessary put some high quality soccer into practice tool. It is FIFA 15 dazzling speed has been greatly reduced in the new version of these issues, many (but not all) about the physical and animation effects have been resolved, and the game became more balanced, cohesive and realistic. In other words, the game FIFA 16 is a gorgeous ...... when you are allowed to play. Although many video games sports teams have their ups and downs in recent memory, FIFA has not been anything but consistent. After years of being the shadow of live football, FIFA has become clear to football fans. Despite the big moves on the pitch, the series has been eager for a few years, and now a lot of new features. This move around, EA is vigorously promoting its inclusion in the women's national team, as well as some improvements, the final team and career mode. By increasing women's team is long overdue, many people are wondering if this iteration will bring sufficient incentives to ensure that additional $ 60 offer.


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