News.Prompted FIFA to take easily earn 16 coins from the trading card players

FIFA 16 and a half months after the procedure is crazy popular, and FIFA fans mountain looking for ways to earn FIFA 16 gold. You might get some suggestions to get gold playing the game as much as possible, do not miss draft mode, so. But you can get the most simple in Safewow way: just met and how the transaction card, you can easily earn much money for your final lineup.

Do you want a new try ,just Buy FIFA 16Coins,you will enjoy a fantastic world.

Familiar with the market and the price of the player

There are many clichés thrown this idea that you can make money by buying low, sell high. In fact, it is easier to say than to do. Learn about the market will definitely make your goals easier to achieve. Just follow Safewow FIFA 16 gold making tips are as follows:
Always remember, EA charge 5% tax on all sales, so there is taking into account any time when you decide to buy. Then try to buy a player, the price is lower than the market price at least 10%. Why do we have to keep 10% of the price difference? So, the only way you can guarantee greater benefits.

Try to buy high-value player card

With the price range, every transaction requires more time than ever before, so just try to buy high-value cards, in order to avoid duplication of the transaction. In addition, the greater the price, the better the profit you will get. Just make an example: If you buy a card 10000 FIFA 16 coins and selling 11000, then you will get a profit of 450 gold coins (550 coins will charge a 5% tax). But if you buy a 1000 gold and sold 1,100 cards, you can earn 45 FUT 16 coins, you have to go through a similar delivery 10 450 gold coins to obtain greater profits in the industry for granted.

Cards do not need to sell valuable

Although the high buy prepaid cards are available way to get money, you sometimes need to sell these valuable cards are not necessary for your team, you still need to build a new lineup. Just consider some profit selling these cards. Rather than spend the extra coin, trying to build a team around, this is a great way to make quick money.

Buy squad fitness card, they are more expensive .Money may not be a long-term approach, but it is to some extent the great work from the trading team fitness card. Many players are now selling fitness card players get FUT 16 coins and other evidence. It is something you can use. This may be an adventure, because you do not know how to price these cards will change. However, compared to the purchase price immediately, you will see that they will become more expensive, because people will need them more.



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