News.FIFA Ultimate Team returns, as strong as ever

See if you can find the pattern. In FIFA 11, the pace of uniforms. In FIFA 12, the pace significantly weakened. In FIFA 13, the pace of uniforms. In FIFA 14, the pace significantly weakened. In FIFA 15, the pace of uniforms. FIFA 16 ...... Yes, the world's biggest football game is back - this time, it is slower than before! I simplify, of course. In the past five years of the series to make as much, if not more progress than any comparable period in history. However, especially for those who are written about every game engine, the people in the past six years, FIFA feedback loop feels very real. One of the most important aspects of a FUT is a chemical reaction - team members how to get along with each other. When you view your active lineup, you will see the player is connected to an adjacent player with a color line - red, yellow or green. A green line means they get along very well, and have good chemistry. A yellow line means they less some chemical reactions, but may also have similar attributes. Red means they have very poor chemical reaction.

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Stadiums has also been upgraded, with nuances location per game ratio. Lighting and turf type matches, they have been imitating real-world stadiums. The crowd's voice has been in power amplifier and an appropriate response, and the playback system is far less than the cumbersome than the previous game. Replay also interrupted far less often than last year's FIFA 15. This makes for a more immersive experience, this is the style of the other sports games so strong praise take into account the speed of the game is FIFA. With that being said, the Spanish audio commentary actually make the game more exciting. FIFA Ultimate Team returns, is as strong as ever, but the latest model, which this year is almost a replica of the world's best draft picks to champion FUT. You drafted on the basis of the location of your side, like the draft title and play with my short game, winning on your FUT.

The only difference is that virtual currency charges draft FUT. The first go-around is free, but then it will cost you 15,000 coins FIFA 16 or 300 "FIFA point", the latter being acquired real money. FIFA Ultimate Team mode also occurred with the "draft" mode allows you to make between a team of all-stars and friends / other online players compete plastic surgery, I think this is the future of the franchise has always been. Solo mode is addictive, and will support you until next season, but nothing more than braggadocio rich online event sweeter. However, two years ago the world's best, basically put all your eggs in one basket, is almost entirely focused on beefing up the defense, the new FIFA continued to focus on balance. Crime is better, too, and you can not put some small quirks advantages, give yourself an edge.

The best part is that so many of the fighting took place in the midfield, which is more meaningful. Push the ball to the skill and timing play a problem; it may take some time to master it more dynamic and more realistic game style. Here you will be frustrated, a lot of the time, it actually began to feel it is difficult to go into any form of rhythm. But, like most powerful and most valuable simulator, satisfaction increased significantly, once you buckle down and learn. Pace is less of a win-win button, but as a consequence of FIFA 16 feels like it has upped the pace all the other players, the degree of irritation. You can still exceed leggy defenders, yes, but also rarely seen an above-average pace winger escape rhythm below average defender. Feeling stupid.



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