News.FIFA 16 Ultimate Team provides a number of new features

Almost as hotly controversial Golden Globes, people are always eager to know who will be at the top of the FIFA Player of the list when it comes to statistics. Electronic Arts has made a list of the top 50 players in. EA assign ratings based around Pace, dribbling, shooting, defense, passing and physical attributes to determine how well each player to perform. You need to take into account the player's position. High defense striker statistics may not be the highest priority. The only possible surprise is the inclusion of Neuer, a goalkeeper in the top five. Interestingly, Messi has pipped Cristiano Ronaldo, the 2014 FIFA Ballon d'Or coveted top spot. But perhaps it's not surprising, because Messi is the FIFA 16 cover star. The two biggest clubs in the Spanish league has a large and evenly absorbed by the British, French and German leagues remaining attractions.

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So this is everything, it's the game of the pillar, which is undoubtedly its judgment of FIFA when I put the most important area calculation. But in the past few years, success has as much to do FIFA Ultimate Team collection and trading impulses, because it has been the real (pretend) football. Therefore draft mode, a significant addition to the arrival of the flagship team, is also worth a good look. Draft mode, from the purchase of packaging, construction team, and they played against the opposition in the main business online sitting aside. It's like a one-time entry fee final group match, the players of the team set up a temporary position by position, each slot opens a package and decide which player is under construction inside the most suitable side. Finished team then played against other players in the draft, usually with more than one winning coin bonus (up to four straight wins).

FIFA popular FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) mode returns, enormous draft mode, although the shocking price is too high, is still a great mini-game, the FUT fanatics. FUT has been a high-return mode, but I still want to see its UI clean up a bit, to simplify a lot of teams and transfer of management elements. Nevertheless, FUT is still a great management, a challenge the player's patience and long-expected commitments. Starting with a team of potatoes is difficult inspiring, but FUT 16, like those before it, find a way to let you participate. Last year's edition marks the game, rather than the format of multi-mode, you can play as the leading club of one hand is a big leap forward, the game you have to move to build a team from scratch single model, purchase multiple sports stadiums and players, and online league to compete with them.

Developer, Electronic Arts (EA), has been carried forward mode, this year's version. FIFA 16 Ultimate Team provides a number of new features, as well as the players exchanged, it allows you to own players for others; and you do not have to worry about updating player or manager of the contract this time. Every year, FIFA declared thing "enhanced." One year is the goalkeeper. The next year, it is the ball physics. This year, our defense. These enhancements to improve support for tackling, team, and the interception in the form of intelligence. Yes, football is like that. Many pass can not find their target recipients, but a lot of things did not feel organic or natural. This is a common result of the annual publication. Sometimes called the set to get a bit too much, messing with the overall flow. It happened with the previous hero goalkeeper (it never really got fixed). Now we get it predictable defenders.

This may be passéto said, but FIFA 16 is a game of two parts. And outside the court, it has not changed much, you can really big letters. Career mode and the ultimate sense of the backbone of the team is almost the same as before with a very small change. Although the ball at your feet, fighting tooth and nail to grab a 1-0 lead against the superior opposition or take a completely organic mistakes advantage in the final equalizer knocked lower league cup match, and with you to a decent general feeling of tactical combat is a star. EA did not call for this matter is that they have clear work the hardest thing, but there are still shortcomings, this is because the PlayStation 2 Konami efforts beautiful game represents the best on the pitch.


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