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FIFA 16 Ultimate Team Staff Build the ultimate dream of every FIFA 16 goal team player. In order to achieve this, not just the players something more is needed. You need to know how to manage other types of cards are also in the game: personnel, consumables and club projects. For this, it is good that you fully understand what they are, how they work, what tangible benefits, they may or may not follow your strategy, to bring you. It is often said that human resources are the most valuable assets of each business. This occurs in FUT 15 as well. Players are undoubtedly essential, because without them, you will not be able to play. Although they are not essential, the staff had a very important role. These cards have a responsibility to promote some of the consumables effect, and in the case of managers, they even increase the player's personal chemistry. In FIFA 16 Ultimate Team, there are five different types of employee cards, each with a specific role: - manager - Coach - Goalkeeper Coach - Fitness coach - Physio Coach training increases the effect of the card players, goalkeeper coach improve the effectiveness goalkeeper training card increases the gym fitness coach and physical trainer to improve the healing effect of the effect of the card. If you do not use consumables club, except that it is mandatory contract, they can give up their staff from working. Otherwise, equip themselves with the coach, and according to their doctor's supplies you use most often. The manager is an exception, because since they are important for the contract, they are actually very much, if you want to be successful required.

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FIFA 16 Just like any other type of card, the staff can be identified by the package: - When you create a new club, from the Starter Pack; - When you buy their stores; - When you play Draft FUT; - When you win, including the package as a prize tournament or season; - Or when you receive a gift every day, welcome backpacks and other prizes. If you need a particular employee card, our suggestion is that you go and use filters to search for it in the market. This way, you only spend cards, coins, you do not, you'll need to equip it according to your club. Obviously, your bag should also be taken into account to get the card. However, if you think they are not necessary, put them on the market and get some coins from them. As long as you want in your club, you can make as many staff card, as long as there is no duplication. You can get them on the transfer list or repeat target, though. In this case, your only limit is the maximum capacity of the list. Where on employee cards, the most common question is how it works: "What do you need to do, let them take the initiative." The answer is simpler than most players think. You basically do not do anything. You must send them to the club, so that they are there. You buy employee cards on the market or get one from a bag each, to select "send to the club." Then, when you apply for a consumable, the system will automatically recognize the card linked to what has been stored in your club supplies according to type and you will get their bonuses.

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