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There is nothing more beautiful than scoring deserved goal. In FIFA 16, the change to dribble, cross and clinical finishing goal to ensure that every goal, a team achievement is unique, earned.

The new control system allows players to freely dribble determine not only how but when the ball. Separation will be available which allows the space between the players and ball skills to perform various actions, feint, and change direction, even without touching the ball all.

Contactless Messi dribbling motion capture developed by Barcelona. We have captured his movements, he lured defensive player, and then at the appropriate time, they explode past. Use the controller mechanic, players can let it run independently from their own ball, creating separation, feint and strike the third guard in the NBA Finals.

The dynamic cross change both irascible attacker received the ball movement and positioning. These players will be close to the ball attempting to cross different movies more realistic and meaningful action. Meanwhile, the players want to adjust, so that different run, in order to better attack the ball.

Clinical finishing
Batting right and complete like a pro. In FIFA 16, players will feel the difference in every shot attempt, a better understanding of why a particular shoot has taken concrete track. Miss the opportunity, you can adjust your approach the next time you're at the target. Direction of the foot and ankle of the new definition opens the door more diversified type of shot, and will lead to more exciting goal.

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