News.EA improved over 450 star player models in FIFA 16

Like all FIFA installments, and in the future you can expect in addition to an improved load, as shown in Figure E3. For starters, the graphics have been greatly enhanced, which launched a PS4 and Xbox already facilitator. Moreover, since many of the long-awaited game in unbalanced FIFA 15 is more focused on the cost of the defense and the midfield after the attack, the EA developers are, you have to understand to make the necessary upgrades, FIFA 16, the market still is meager start in the game. Because of past experience and low cash flow, you may find it difficult to find good deals. The majority of players will wait for the first game or the FIFA integral released.

If you have a very popular card, such as Macy's, you need to keep them and sell for a few weeks, their worth has multiplied a hundredfold. This is a normal trend, when the transaction card. They start with a low price and it went on after a few weeks. Until their largest decline rapidly as to achieve due to some circumstances, such as the transfer market, game updates, season the team, and so much more. According to EA, once you have completed your FIFA Ultimate team draft, you'll 15,000 coins, you spend a compensation. However, you will not only receive these coins back. Instead, you will receive a gift package, and the card is 15,000 gold coins, you spend the equivalent. This is mainly to make it difficult for the players of farm resources, over and over again to play through the draft.
Demo wise, EA improved the 450 models of star players in the Bundesliga FIFA 16 now has a performance, and the game a total of nine different types of weather. If you like to have under the fog or ambiguous situations, that's it! On the audio side, FIFA 16 includes chants from around the country were recorded in more than 900 brand new. Among them, the Liverpool "When the Red Army entered Parade" and PSG's ". Allez Paris" and with commentary, you will find the following supported languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, French, Arabic, Polish, German, Latin American Spanish , Japanese, Dutch, and for the first time in FIFA history, Russia. This tutorial FIFA 16 crossing into the details of how to cross and execute head. This guide will teach you how to pass through easily score goals. The first thing to note is that the goalkeeper out and clear or capture crossed near any of his balls.

This will not happen automatically, because your opponent to pull him to his route. So make sure there is goalkeeper, a distance between your attacker. Cross regularly executed by pressing the X button on the PlayStation or square button. The key to the regular cross your player must have space to receive the cross and head the ball even before being kicked. Equally important it is to lead him a little, so he can get some strength to the head. Do not just expect to go in any random cross a spectacular head; positioning is the most important thing. Early cross in my opinion is in FIFA 16 the most effective cross cross early L1 and press Square or LB and the X key. When you see his teammates make a run in the space in front of him, which is great. This type of intersection leading to his head and allowed to run.

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Was used to buy a package, they coin as an alternative. You can place your FIFA integral to FUT 16, if you do not intend to spend all of FIFA FUT 15. points because it does not buy in FUT 16 release date, and you can within the time use, you can also buy some FUT end 15, but be careful when you start the game for the first time, because this is just a one-time transfer. Also, if you buy one for their Xbox FUT 16, you can not use them in the PlayStation 4, but you can on the Xbox 360, because they can be shared between only the same platform.

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