News.An Easy Way to Earn FIFA 16 Coins Using the Starter Cup

Learn how you can get FIFA 16 gold coins a simple way to play FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. Here is written about how to play the next Cup race line FUT 16. Getting use this tutorial to earn gold fan community guidelines, you will be able to earn a simple manner lowest daily 2000 FIFA 16 is no gold to spend so much strength play FUT game.

Getting Cup Tournament
The Starter Cup is the ultimate team in FIFA 16, to provide you with 500 coins win available. The difficulty of this competition is an amateur single model, which means that you can even use bronze team easily won victory. Getting Cup by playing four games earned nearly 2,100 coins every time you win. This means that every single person you win this game you get FIFA credits 2,100 times.


Your squad
To start the final team form your team, you can use your player from free starter pack. Starter pack you get the players have 45 contact with them. All these players use the composition of your team play introductory Cup. By doing so, you spend coins is technically not form a team that is able to assume 45 games. 45 games to play this game 11 times, let's say you win every game, you earn minutes. 2100 gold, so by playing this game 11 times, you would have earned a minimum 23,000 FIFA coins.

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Tips to play the game
As entry cup (offline mode) is set to amateur difficulty, it can easily score. This can help you spend less time to play. In the first half, you can score four or five goals, and then leave the game, with your players in the second half - where you can skip directly to the scene. The problem is that the active ingredient. Amateur level in offline mode is so poor, hardly able to score on you, even when you do not control your team. So, if you were leading 4 goals, A.I. Teams are not able to take the lead back to you. Therefore, by doing so, you only took a few minutes to score four or five goals, it can help you to make more than 440 coins per game. Continue to play all four games, so, until you win the game when you win, start to play again and again.


Other benefits
- Earn more XP and FCC win the championship
- Improve your FUT record
- Get a better ranking in the FIFA rankings list 16

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